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Leupold PinCaddie Vs Bushnell Tour V3

Leupold PinCaddie and Bushnell Tour V3 are both available at very similar prices on the market. These relatively affordable laser-based golf rangefinder models are quite popular, yet a lot of people are confused in choosing between them. They both feature similar functions. Which one should you choose? (Read also: Leupold Pincaddie 2 Vs Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt)

Leupold PinCaddie Vs Bushnell Tour V3

Leupold PinCaddie
Leupold PinCaddie is a laser rangefinder offering the versatility of spot and continuous-scan modes. You can quickly change between modes with a simple push of a button. With the spot mode, the device will determine only the distance of the current object at its line of sight. With the continuous-scan mode, it will tell you real-time distance information as you sweep your sight across the field. It can measure in yards and meters. However, it only has a measurement range from 6 to 600 yards, which is not bad but not so astonishing either. The maximum locking range to the flag is 300 yards. Nevertheless, it can perform up to 6 times of magnification, which is a notable strong feature that is comparable to many more expensive models. Its accuracy is enhanced by the PinHunter Laser technology that is smart to distinguish the real target from background hazards like trees and bushes. Leupold PinCaddie is very compact and rugged, entirely waterproof, and armed with a decent LCD screen.

Bushnell Tour V3
Bushnell Tour V3 boasts an extensive performance with a very long measuring range, from 10 to 1,000 yards. The locking range to the flag is similar, 300 yards. Bushnell Tour V3 is armed with Pin Seeker Technology and Jolt Vibration. It can automatically detect and lock onto the flag, and it will notify you once the Pin Seeker is triggered with a neat pulse. This is very handy and practical, giving you the confidence that you have aimed right and that you have the correct distance information. Unfortunately, it only has a maximum magnification of 5 times. Bushnell Tour V3 also features spot and scan modes, as well as a weather-proof body construction. Worth a note, it is a little bit heavier than Leupold PinCaddie.

- Metering Range from 6 to 600 Yards
- Spot and Continuous-Scan Modes
- Measurements in Yards and Meters
- Battery Power Status Indicator
- USGA Legal Rangefinder
- Legal for tournament play
- Includes premium carrying case and battery as well as a Tour v3 Skinz; 2-year warranty
- Pin Seeker with to confirm the laser has zeroed in on the flag
- Accurate to within 1-yard
- Provides instantaneous measurements in yards and meters

Leupold PinCaddie Vs Bushnell Tour V3
Considering that they both have similar prices and each own advantages, it is difficult to determine the winner. In the end, we recommend you to choose Bushnell Tour V3 instead of Leupold PinCaddie, because the more extensive range can be more beneficial in general.

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