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Nikon Coolshot 20 Vs Bushnell V3

Nikkon Coolshot 20 vs Bushnell V3: which of these two rangefinders is the best buy? Read through for the final verdict on the battle of Nikon Coolshot and Bushnell flagship.

Nikon Coolshot 20 Vs Bushnell V3

First of all, let us talk about price. The coolshot 20 is a solid device and at $200, it is almost $100 less than the Bushnell V3. If affordable is what you want, then Coolshot will definitely be the rangerfinder to go for. But sometimes a higher price can translate to added features. The Bushnell V3 has incorporated a new technology known as JOLT: this allows the device to vibrate when the nearest object is located. This is something that Coolshot 20 lacks.

According to most golfers, the best laser rangefonder is one that helps you estimate exact yardages. The Coolshot 20 is coupled with a 6x magnification lens which provides an accuracy of 550yards. On the other hand, the Bushnell V3 features a 5X magnification which is lesser compared to the Coolshot.

When it comes to protection, the two have both been designed to be water proof. However, the Coolshot 20 has a bit of an advantage over the Bushnell: it has been fitted with a white cover that provides an element of protection just in case the device accidentally drops.

Overall the two devices offer remarkable performance; they are both quite easy to use and can easily fit within one’s hand. They both use similar styling and ergonomics which creates a great feel in the hand.

- Measurement range * 1 5 ~ 500m / 6 ~ 550yds. Magnification (times) 6
- Objective lens effective diameter (mm) 20
- (Length × width × height) size (mm) 91 × 37 × 73. Mass (weight) (g) (I except the battery) about 125
- Waterproof standard Life waterproof structure * JIS / IEC protection class 4 (IPX4) equivalent (based on our test conditions).
- Single hand vertical operation with 5x magnification and a 24mm objective
- Range finding performance of 10 to 1,000 yards; 300 yards to flag with +/- one yard of accuracy
- Legal for tournament play
- Compact ergonomical design that is easy to grip; includes a carrying case and 3-volt battery; 2-year warranty

Nikon Coolshot 20 Vs Bushnell V3
However, when it comes to the battle of Nikkon Coolshot 20 vs Bushnell V3, Coolshot takes a home-run with its remarkable features packaged in an affordable price. For such a high performing device, Coolshot is one of the cheapest laser rangefinder you can find in the market. What’s more is that it comes from one of the leading names in business. Set your sight on getting one today.

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