Polara Golf Ball Review: The Convenient Self Correcting Golf Ball

As a matter of fact, many beginner golfers often find difficulties in making a straight shot. Their hits often go in a slice or so. This is greatly frustrating, especially if you play golf only for fun and not for super-serious competitive tourneys. Add the incredibly slow rounds and the overall expense of golfing. So, wouldn’t it be awesome if there is a way for amateur golfers to just enjoy the game?

Polara Golf Ball Review The Convenient Self Correcting Golf Ball

If you are looking for a fun and convenient ball to play with, Polara Golf Ball is the answer. It is very close to being the perfect fix you need to enjoy golf. It addresses all the issues; it helps you in making straight shots, and it is very cheap, affordable, and budget-friendly. There is no need to empty the bank for some entertainment. Polara Golf Ball will let you enjoy rounds and rounds of golf.

Polara’s Ultimate Straight Self-Correcting golf balls are said to be able to reduce slices and hooks by about 75%. Such bold number is indeed intriguing. How true is the number? The concept behind the capability of the ball is literally some rocket science related with the design of the surface of the ball, but the way to use the ball is very much easy and straightforward. On each ball, you can find an arrow. You just need to aim the arrow on the ball towards your target area. If you put some particular attention, you may have noticed that the dimple pattern through the middle section is significantly shallower, whereas the outer dimples are deeper.

- Corrects hooks and slices by up to 75 percent - Simply point the arrow at your target and swing - Designed for recreational golfers; not for tournament play - Offers maximum spin control around the greens

So, well, if we go into the details, Polara Golf Ball is a three-piece golf ball. It has a polybutadiene core, enveloped by a DuPont HPF layer and an ionomer cover at the outermost. The cover’s hardness is 60 Shore D. Polara Golf Ball has e decent feel. It is rather soft, but not too soft. You can feel it have a hard inner core layered by a soft, thin material. As the effect, it especially feels great on the putter. It also feels pretty well on chips.

On the course, Polara Golf Ball is quite amazing. It truly straightens your shots. Even if you hit a big cut, the ball will only shift slightly. After you get off the tee, you can reposition the arrow on the ball to ensure that it will go straight again, or you can just play it as it lies – this way, it will act like a regular golf ball. However, the speed and distance of this ball are not as astounding. You may find it to be a little bit shorter than what you usually hit. Even so, the drawback is minor compared to how much the ball is able to correct your shots. For obvious reasons, Polara Golf Ball is not USGA-legal for scoring and tournaments, but this should not be a problem if you just want to play for fun. Another perspective is that Polara Golf Ball can be a good, affordable training ball for high handicap players until you can get a single-digit handicap.

Specifications of Polara Golf Ball
Ball Flight Characteristics: 75% Self-Correcting
Recommended Driver Loft: at least 10.5 degrees or higher
Number of Dimples: 386
Construction: 3-piece
Ball Weight: 46.0 grams
Ball Diameter: 1.682 inches
Cover Material Thickness: 0.051 inches
Cover Material: Ionomer
Cover Material Hardness: 60 Shore D
Boundary Layer Thickness: 0.050 inches
Boundary Layer Material: DuPont HPF™
Core Diameter: 1.480 inches
Core Material: Polybutadiene

Pros of Polara Golf Ball
– The self-correcting technology always ensures that the ball goes straight
– Provides an excellent feel on hits
– Exceptional spin control
– Relatively affordable and budget-friendly

Cons of Polara Golf Ball
The speed and distance are just moderate; not USGA-legal.

Price of Polara Golf Ball
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