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Precision Pro V400 Review: Easy to Use and Affordable

Perhaps you have heard about Perfect Pitch because of their Perfect Pitch Golf Mat. They certainly have perfected many people’s pitches with that. Now, they offer you a rangefinder at an affordable and budget-friendly cost, available under two hundred dollars. Considering their great job with the Golf Mat, we may have great expectations with the rangefinder. Precision Pro V400 is certainly one that will not disappoint any of our expectations.

Precision Pro V400 Review - Easy to Use and Affordable

With such price, Precision Pro V400 is one product that holds a big value. It is very easy to set-up and use. In fact, it can be used right out of the box. It has been assembled and set-up completely so that you only need to grip it and put it in front of your eye. The design is excellent. It is compact, lightweight, and portable. You can use it with one hand, and the grip is good. The upper and lower surfaces are textured in order to ensure that you can grip it well without slipping. Its ergonomic design makes it stay steady in your hand.

Precision Pro V400 is able to measure distances up to 400 yards, with an accuracy of 1 yard. It is reasonably and reliably accurate. Some people may say that 400 yards is inferior when compared to some other models that can measure to 600 yards or 1,000 yards. However, in real-life usage, measuring for something 400 yards away is extremely rare, let alone measuring something over 400 yards. So, the distance range is sufficient.

Furthermore, it has a flag seeking mode, in which it will ensure that you hit the flag precisely and not some random tree behind. It works quickly, being able to show the distance within a split second. It also has a scanning mode, in which it will show real-time distance information as you sweep your sight on the field, useful to give you the general idea of what you are facing. Last but not least, it has an appreciable magnification feature that can zoom up to six times, comparable to many more expensive models.

Specifications of Precision Pro V400
Legal for Tournament Play
400 Yard Range to the Flag
Accurate +/- 1 Yard
Yards and Meters Measurements
6x Magnification
Flag Seeking Mode
Scanning Mode
Carrying Case

Pros of Precision Pro V400
– Relatively affordable and budget-friendly
– Very easy to set-up
– Decent performance and accuracy
– Rich of features
– Legal for tournaments

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