Srixon Z Star Vs XV

So, you are now in uncertainty, not sure to choose between Srixon Z Star and Srixon Z Star XV, are you? Of course, these two golf balls have been loved by many golf players for their relatively affordable and budget-friendly nature. Despite the affordability, Srixon Z Star and Srixon Z Star XV both have excellent performance. They have excellent distance and feel. However, there is usually some price difference between these two golf balls. Of course, this is because they have been constructed and designed a little bit differently from each other. So, in what ways do these two golf balls differ? Which is the one that you should choose?


For Distance and Feel
Both Srixon Z Star and Srixon Z Star XV combine the next-generation Spinskin technology and speed dimple pattern, an innovation that aims to give tour players the unmatched feel and control. The second generation Spinskin technology comes with a new coating that increases the frictional force by 18% and overall softness by 21% compared to previous models, translating into more greenside spin and better touch. The 324 speed dimple pattern functions to combine the uniformity of dimple design with higher surface coverage, in order to gain less wind resistance and more distance. In addition, the featured energetic gradient growth core guarantees that the ball will always deliver incredible distances by optimizing the S.T.A.R. Performance. Of course, Srixon’s golf balls have always been designed strategically to balance spin, trajectory, acceleration, and responsiveness for the ultimate performance on every shot.

Enhanced Core
Now that you are aware of the similarities between these two models, you need to know about the differences, too. What makes Srixon Z Star XV different to Srixon Z Star is that it comes with an enhanced core. While Srixon Z Star has a single core, Srixon Z Star XV sports a dual energetic growth core for ultra-long, penetrating distance. In addition, the designers have also added a high-resistance ultra-thin ionomer mid layer, increasing the overall hardness and improving the contrast between the inner and outer cores. As the effect, Srixon Z Star XV has a firmer, more solid feel than Srixon Z Star. The altered launch angle and low spin allow longer distances.

- Spin Skin +
- Speed Dimples
- Improved E.G.G
- S.T.A.R Performance

Srixon Z Star Vs XV
If you prefer a softer ball, then Srixon Z Star is the way to go. However, for a harder ball with long, piercing distance, Srixon Z Star XV should be your choice.

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