Suaoki PF3 Review: Affordable and Durable Golf Rangefinder!

It is not doubtable that rangefinder is needed by golfers. This device is very useful to determine the distance between the player and the target. In course, precision is the key to succeed, while guessing is not as dependable. For those players who want to improve their games, let us introduce you to Suoaki PF3, which is one of the best rangefinder available in the market.

Suaoki PF3 Review

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is a Rangefinder
– Why you should use a Rangefinder
– What is Suaoki PF3
– What Suaoki PF3 can offer to you

About Golf Rangefinder
Golf rangefinder is an important device needed by every serious golfer or those players with a strong desire to get better at their play. Many people see a rangefinder as solely a device for getting a yardage to a flag for an approach shot. But in fact, this is only a small part among what a rangefinder can offer to improve your game. Aside from distance control, rangefinder is also useful as course management, helps understanding angles, bring confidence due to properly informed and fasted the pace of play.

About Suaoki
Suaoki PF3 is a golf rangefinder scope made by Suaoki. Suaoki is a technology company that produced many different kind of device and appliance. They offer a wide range of products within the automotive, solar power and laser measurement fields. Aside from the PF3, Suaoki has two more laser rangefinder scope, such as the Suaoki PRO Laser Finder and the 600M Digital Laser Rangefinder Scope.

Suaoki PF3 is the golf rangefinders scope that is designed to be a multipurpose product. The products claims to have a high accuracy and will always makes you get your eyes on the object precisely and easily. The PF3 is available in two colors; grey and blue.

Suaoki PF3 Construction
Looking at the device from the outside, you will notice that Suaoki PF3 is wrapped by an integrated piece of silicone. At the top of the device you will find a few buttons, one is Mode Changing Button and the other is the Power or Measure Button. The eyepiece knob is wrapped with a black colored material and just below the eyepiece; you can find the battery compartment. At the front part of Suaoki PF3, you will find two lenses, one is the Laser Emitter or Objective Lens and the other one is the laser Receiving Lens. This device also has a strap hole, which you can attach with a strap to secure the device when being used or carried.

Suaoki PF3 Features
Suaoki PF3 used a CR2 battery, which is commonly used in digital cameras and is pretty easy to find or purchase in most hardware or electronic stores. The power button located at the top of the device is also acts as Measure. To use it as Measure, you have to short press the button and when you want to do continuous measure, you have to press the button longer.

Suaoki PF3 has five different modes available to use:
– Golf Trajectory Mode – Distance Trajectory Angle.
– Golf Trajectory Scan Mode – Distance Trajectory Angle.
– Distance, Height, Angle Measurement.
– Two-Point Height Measurement.
– Speed Measurement.

On the eyepiece,Suaoki PF3 has diopter adjustment, which is very useful for people who wear glasses, since they still can use it even without their glasses. This device is also lightweight around 0.5lb and measured with 4.6 x 3 x 1.6, which makes it comfortably fits in hand. The size might be too big on some pants pockets but will fit well in most jacket pockets.

- Wrapped by an integrated piece of silicone - Versatile Functions: measures distance up to 600m (656 yards) within 1 second; supports height, speed (18~300km/h) and angle (±90°) measurement, flag-lock technology

The maximum range of Suaoki PF3 is 600m or 656 yards and works well when measuring objects inside the range. The accuracy is pretty good, but your hand must be steady, since it will be hard to take precision measurement at far place when your hand is not stable. Other features, such as flag-lock, golf slope mode and angle measurement will also be a great help when used on golf course. You can use the device to do a speed measuring on cars and height measurement. In most case the readings will takes no longer than 1 second almost instantly, but when used in speed measuring mode it will takes up about 2 to 3 seconds.

Here is the Suaoki PF3 details taken from Suaoki:
– Suaoki PF3 body is wrapped by an integrated piece of silicone.
– Is a versatile device that can measures distance up to 600m or 656 yards within 1 second; supports height, speed from 18-300km/h and angle (±90°) measurement, and flag-lock technology.
– Golf Slope Mode: golf trajectory compensation will calculate and adjust yardage depends on the degree of slope (±20°), which helps the golfer to take better swing.
– Better Viewing experience, with the diopter adjustment (±5D) for short sighted and long sighted people, so they can use the device without their glasses and high-quality 6x monocular that will bring clear image right in front of your eyes.
– Precision and Convenience: Suaoki PF3 is able to provide detailed accuracy to 1m in distance and 10 in angle for better players and elite amateurs with easy switch between meters and yards
– Suaoki PF3 is built with solid construction in rubber gaskets, which makes the device splash proof and dust proof. The body is well designed to be compact, portable and has a secure non-slip grip.

There are two types of Golf Rangefinders available in the market, Laser and GPS rangefinder. The Suaoki PF3 falls in the laser rangefinder category. In laser rangefinder, the object that needed to be determined must be in view. To use it, aim the rangefinder at the object and determine the distance through the viewport. The other type is GPS rangefinder, which utilizes GPS system to help you determine the distance using GPS satellites feed. Most of GPS rangefinders have the distance to the pin embedded as an option and some courses may also have intermediary distances embedded in the GPS mapping of the course.

Suaoki PF3 is a great rangefinder; the device performs really well and no one can doubt the authenticity and durability of this product. This device comes wrapped in silicone to ensure you it will impart the best function. Moreover, the Suaoki PF3 comes in an affordable price compare to its competitors. For those who want to improve their games, we highly recommend you the Suaoki PF3.

Suaoki PF3 Review: Specifications
Highlighted Features:
– Golf Laser Rangefinder
– Compact & Portable
– Durable, Water & Dust Proof
– Maximum Range 656 yard
– Construction : Silicone Wrapped

Suaoki PF3 Review: Pros
– Perform Really Well
– Lightweight, easy to carry
– Simple and Easy to use
– Comes in an affordable price

Price of Suaoki PF3
Check the best price of Suaoki PF3 here!

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