Taylormade R11 Vs R11S

Taylormade is one of the leading manufacturers in the golf equipment industry. Coming with a complete product line with innovative designs for all skill levels, the company has a huge presence not only on the PGA Tour but also on other competitive international tours. Now, most probably, you are in uncertainty as you choose between Taylormade R11 and Taylormade R11S. These two models may appear to be identical to each other. Nevertheless, Taylormade R11S is priced a little bit more expensively than Taylormade R11. So, is there actually any real difference between them?


Both Taylormade R11 and Taylormade R11S are actually made of the same materials, and they have been designed quite similarly to each other to a degree. Both golf drivers feature a head that is constructed of titanium, while the SP shaft is made from graphite. The titanium head ensures that you can put your particular attention to the large sweet spot as you are going to hit the ball, while the graphite shaft enables you to have a fast and solid swing. Of course, there is no other shaft material as durable and lightweight as graphite. Both Taylormade R11 and Taylormade R11S are very solid and rugged. With either of these drivers, you can easily achieve long distances with the ultimate precision and accuracy.

Despite the similarities, there is one special feature of Taylormade R11S that is not existent on Taylormade R11. Taylormade R11S comes with an adjustable head angle that you can customize and optimize to suit your specific swing style and preference. With Taylormade R11S, you can have more options in configuring the drive either for higher or lower launch, or for open, closed, face for draw, or fading. Such feature also makes the driver highly flexible and versatile. You can easily adapt the driver to any challenge or condition on the field. However, such advanced feature can be confusing or tricky to play with, especially for beginners. Therefore, for people who are new in golf, Taylormade R11 can be more convenient to use. You won’t need to bother adjusting the head angle. Taylormade R11 is also more forgiving to off-center or bad hits.

- Taylor Made R11
- Adjust the face angle with the new Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP)
- Adjust the CG location with Movable Weight Technology (MWT)
- Headcover
- White/Black/Red
- TaylorMade Golf R11-S Fairway White/Black/Red Headcover

Taylormade R11 Vs R11S
For a beginner, and for someone who prefers something simple and straightforward, Taylormade R11 is the way to go. However, for the more advanced player, the adjustable angle can give an extra edge in flexibility and versatility. Thus, in this case, Taylormade R11S makes an excellent choice.

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