Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Ball VS Titleist PRO V1


Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Ball Review


They likewise claim that is must be longer than the previous model and also compared to the 2018 Titleist DT TruSoft, the 2020 version has a larger reduced compression TruTouch core that minimizes the spin on longer shots.

The ionomer based cover has actually likewise been boosted with a brand-new TruFlex version that provides that soft feeling which it definitely makes with the putter, as you might definitely detect a softer sound.

With a steel faced putter it was also quieter than the previous version, which is saying something, so with an insert putter it will certainly please the Noise Abatement Society much more.

The the rules of aerodynamics of the dimples have additionally been tweaked to obtain a much better flight, although it is fairly refined in regards to launch and top elevation as you can see when I took both balls on GC2 to compare them with a driver.

What was a lot more visible was not only that softer really feel off the face, however additionally a few lawns additional range as the reduced spin of just over 100rpm boosted the carry.
With the 7-iron the differences were minimal, so if you like the iron control of the previous variation then you won’t be dissatisfied.

Around the eco-friendlies on short as well as average size chips, the two spheres were pretty comparable so it is really simply down to feel.

Prior to you all rush out to obtain the DT TruSoft, you should understand that there is less control on chips than with a urethane covered sphere like the Pro V1 as it spins much less. If you like getting a little look at your chips for more control after that a more exceptional sphere will provide you this, which is the same throughout all round varieties and also is the common trade-off between performance as well as rate.

Despite seeming soft on and also around the green the cover still really felt company enough to get some feedback, so it had not been like you were hitting a padding as well as I suched as the balance that Titleist has struck here.

If you like a soft round as well as can manage the reduced greenside spin then the Titleist DT TruSoft is among the best in this group at a competitive cost.

Titleist DT TruSoft 2018 Golf Ball – Product Details

  • Handicap Range: Low, High
  • Golfer: Mens, Women, Senior, Junior
  • Ball Construction: 2-Piece
  • Spin: Low
  • Ball Feel: Soft
  • Colour Options: White, Yellow
  • Quantities: 3, 12
  • Manufacturer’s Website: Titleist Website

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball Review


The Titleist Pro V1 remains to control the costs efficiency market of the golf ball market, so the 2019 variations have a remarkable legacy to measure up to.

Aesthetically the most significant change is that both models are currently additionally available in yellow, which will please the older generation of lower handicappers.

This is a bigger deal than you believe as the chemistry of the numerous elements of the yellow cover needed to be changed to keep the performance the same as the white variation.

The yellow is added right into the urethane cover, as opposed to it being painted on like the white sphere. The yellow is also translucent so Titleist needed to repaint the casing layer underneath the cover with a clear guide to ensure that the yellow stands apart.

Under the hood, both designs include a new 2.0 ZG Process Core at the centre of the ball in order to produce the speed for better distance. This is attained by making outer areas of the core stiffer than previously, whilst maintaining the very same gentleness in the centre.
he cast urethane cover is 17% thinner and also works with a brand-new casing layer beneath it. The casing layer is 14% thicker on Pro V1 and 11% thicker on Pro V1x, which boosts round rate as well as decreases spin on longer shots.

As prior to there are two versions of the Pro V1, so I took them both for a spin on the GC2 launch monitor as well as on the course.

Titleist Pro V1 2019 Golf Round Verdict

With the 2019 Pro V1 household I think we are back to the decision being based extra on feel preference, as the numbers are once again quite close. For some the difference could be clear, however, for me as well as my 100mph driver swing rate I am on the line between both.

Prior to 2017, it was Pro V1 for me as a result of the feeling. Nonetheless in 2017, the Pro V1x was offering me more distance and better control since it spins much more, so it switched to that.
If you have a higher swing speed than me, after that Pro V1x could be the better option, but as constantly, the most effective point is to do your own examination. Start with some chips around the environment-friendly to see just how each sphere responds as well as if it provides you the control you require.

Then, if you can, procedure performance with irons to see which one stops quickest on the environment-friendly by striking 7-irons right into the green with a couple of each. After that you tweak your driver established to get one of the most from the ball using the flexible options the majority of them have these days.

Fortunately is that whichever Pro V1 you choose, you will certainly still be playing among the most effective spheres in the marketplace.

Titleist Pro V1 2019 Golf Ball – Product Details

  • Handicap Range: Low, High
  • Golfer: Mens, Women,
  • Ball Construction: 3-Piece
  • Spin: Medium
  • Ball Feel: Medium
  • Colour Options: White, Yellow
  • Quantities: 3, 12
  • Manufacturer’s Website: Titleist Website

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