Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls VS Wilson Duo

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Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Ball Review

They also state that is need to be longer than the previous version and also contrasted to the 2018 Titleist DT TruSoft, the 2020 version has a larger reduced compression TruTouch core that minimizes the spin on longer shots.

The ionomer based cover has actually additionally been enhanced with a brand-new TruFlex version that delivers that soft feeling which it absolutely does with the putter, as you might definitely find a softer audio.

With a metal faced putter it was even quieter than the previous version, which is claiming something, so with an insert putter it will certainly please the Noise Abatement Society even more.

The the rules of aerodynamics of the dimples have actually also been modified to obtain a far better trip, although it is rather subtle in terms of launch and peak height as you can see when I took both balls on GC2 to contrast them with a driver.

What was a lot more noticeable was not just that softer feel off the face, but likewise a few lawns additional distance as the reduced spin of simply over 100rpm increased the bring.

With the 7-iron the differences were very little, so if you like the iron control of the previous version after that you will not be disappointed.

Around the greens on brief and also moderate length chips, the two balls were quite comparable so it is really simply to really feel.

Before you all rush out to obtain the DT TruSoft, you need to know that there is less control on chips than with a urethane covered ball like the Pro V1 as it spins much less. If you like obtaining a little check on your chips for more control after that a much more superior ball will certainly offer you this, which coincides throughout all ball ranges and is the typical trade-off in between performance and rate.

In spite of sounding soft on and also around the green the cover still felt company enough to get some feedback, so it had not been like you were hitting a pillow and I liked the balance that Titleist has struck below.

If you like a soft ball as well as can deal with the reduced greenside spin after that the Titleist DT TruSoft is just one of the very best in this category at a competitive cost.

WilsonStaff Duo/ Duo Spin Golf Ball Review

Currently, let’s be clear– no ball will take care of a negative swing, but this set can absolutely lower the total spin off the tee. The scientific research behind the reduced spin is two-fold, for starters it uses a surlyn cover that minimizes spin and second of all, the dimple pattern is a seamless 302 pattern, designed to cut down the spin. During one of my test rounds, it was pretty windy and the Wilson Duo ball carried out extremely well in wind. While the ball drifted with strong winds, it continued to be constant and also not over obvious. Around the greens, it’s quite evident this is a range ball. Brief wedges hit right into a soft green will certainly strike and roll. With 25 yard shots, trying to maintain the trajectory under 6′, I consistently saw about 24′ of roll off a lob wedge. The feel off the putter was exceptional. My concern concerning a mushy feeling was quickly laid to rest. It has a soft, however solid feeling to it as well as there were no surprises in relation to range, really feel or roll. It’s precisely as you would certainly anticipate it to be.


The Wilson Duo Spin ball likewise provides a soft, low compression layout, can be found in at a small higher 35 c ompression. In contrast, it still really feels really soft off your drivers, timbers and also irons. The distinction in range was minimal and also not truly a variable. I did see more dilate my clubs, conveniently functioning the ball with attracts as well as obtaining pretty good quiting power on the greens. I did my common 25 lawn shots, with a lob wedge, to gauge spin. These balls can be found in at 19-1/2′ of roll, somewhat much better than the 24′ I saw with the Duo.


  • Price— at $19.99 a dozen for the Duo as well as $26.99 for the Duo Spin, they are better than typical performers in this cost variety.
  • Innovation— The surlyn cover with low compression and also seamless 302 dimple pattern lowers spin and also rise range off the longer clubs. The Duo Spin includes spin to aid the short video game around the greens.
  • Rotate— Overall green side spin for the Duo approaches the Noodle. The Duo Spin performs on the same level with an NXT-Tour, however really feels softer and also spins around the green better.
  • Distance— this ball transcends to the Noodle Soft/Titleist NXT Tour comparison balls I utilized.
  • Feel— soft, yet solid feeling to the ball, it seems to embark on the face. The feeling off the putter was exceptional for both balls.
  • Sturdiness— far better than anticipated, based upon the ‘soft’ feeling. The surlyn cover adds some durability to the round and also unless you lose it, it needs to last several rounds.
  • Improvement– very little improvement needed for ball’s in this price-range/category.

Try It/ Buy It— The Wilson Duo is a “Buy It” ball. Don’t perplex this ball with a ProV1/Bridgestone 330 or Snell ‘My Tour Ball’. This is a value ball created the casual golf player who desires some assist with their game, while increasing their range. The reduced spin off the woods and lengthy decision help decrease trim the tee. The soft feels terrific coming off your clubs as well as on the green. Distance is far better than ordinary as well as greenside control with the Duo Spin is far better than any others I’ve played in this cost range.

At $19.99, the Wilson Duo is a deal! If you desire a ball that spins around the green, obtain a trip caliber ball. However let’s face it– we’re not visit players with an excellent skill level, fantastic touch, creative thinking as well as fantastic club head rate.


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