Titleist Velocity Vs Pro V1

Almost all golfers in the world know, or at least have heard about Titleist. It is one of the most renowned brands in the golf world today. Titleist has manufactured various golf equipment products, including golf clubs and golf balls. Below, we are going to discuss about two Titleist golf balls, which are Titleist Velocity and Titleist Pro V1. Both models have been widely used by golfers, and both have received many compliments and positive reviews. So, what are the differences between Titleist Velocity and Titleist Pro V1?

Titleist Velocity Vs Pro V1

Just like what the name implies, Titleist Velocity has been designed to provide fast initial ball speed for explosive distance on full swing shots, as well as to provide great, playable feel in the short game. It is described to have an explosive initial velocity that delivers powerful distance, soaring flight, and consistency. Titleist Velocity sports a spherically-tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design to maximize carry distance and a thin NaZ2 cover with a reengineered core for high launch and stopping power. Compared to most golf balls, the LSX core in Titleist Velocity is quite bigger. The bigger size allows the ball to have longer distance.

On the other hand, though, the slightly pricier Titleist Pro V1 also claims to have long distance and low long-game spin. It also boasts a very soft feel, superior greenside control, and long-lasting durability. Titleist Pro V1 features the spherically-tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design for consistent flight, a soft Urethane Elastomer cover for softness and greenside control, a thin yet responsive ionomeric casing, and the Next Generation 2.0 ZG Process Core that delivers longer distance on every shot through faster ball speed and lower spin.

If we are to compare the performance of these two golf balls, the very first difference that we can immediately notice is that Titleist Velocity is much firmer than Titleist Pro V1. Being firmer, the Velocity may produce a more audible sound when hit than the Pro V1. Their distances don’t differ much from each other. Titleist Velocity seems to move faster and go longer slightly than Titleist Pro V1, apparently due to the ball being firmer and such. However, even though Titleist Velocity has a pretty good greenside spin, Titleist Pro V1 is simply more superior, giving you a better edge in putting.

- Fast initial Velocity for explosive distance
- Deep, downrange peak trajectory
- Playable feel in the short game
- Tight, consistent ball flight, proprietary LSX core
- Exceptional distance
- Softer Feel
- #1 Ball on Worldwide Tours
- Long Lasting Durability

If you prefer a soft golf ball, you should choose Titleist Pro V1. It is soft and it has great greenside spin and control. If you prefer a firmer golf ball, then choose Titleist Velocity, which also happens to be slightly faster.

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