Titleist Velocity Golf Ball VS Pro V1

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Titleist Velocity Golf Balls Review

General Specifications

Brand: Titleist

Model: Velocity

Origin: USA

About the Product: The Titleist ® Velocity ™ golf ball has actually been engineered with an LSX core as well as our fastest cover blend to create extremely reduced spin and eruptive range. It creates high trip on all shots to improve range and aid stop the ball on the green. Available in white, VISI-white (play numbers 00, 22, 77,99), orange and also pink.

Titleist Velocity Key Specs

  • Compression: 90
  • Type: Distance
  • Layer Design: 2-piece

What customers say about “Key Specs”

  • So, I normally hit about 240-250 off the tee for my driver and 220-240 for my 3 wood. I generally strike Taylormade Penta (1st generation) but was looking for a more affordable ball. I normally rack up in the 90s.
  • This ball is straight off the tee and from the fairway. I was actually surprised. Usually I may not have obtained a ton of lawns over the Penta– possibly 5 lawns on average? As somebody else kept in mind, it’s not going to give you the very same control as well as quantity of spin approaching the green 125 lawn in.
  • Did not remove my slice however made it much more foreseeable so I could handle it much better and also strike even more brief yard. It did provide me range.
  • Compression score # will boost if playing at greater altitudes over 2000ft
  • I acquired a lots of these balls to see what all the buzz had to do with. I will need to say I did not see a lot more range to my drive, I average around 295-310.


  • Color: White
  • Cover Material: New NAZ+
  • Dimples: 328, Tetrahedral
  • Core: High Speed LSX Core
  • Extras: Extremely Low Long Game Spin, High Flight on all Shots, Playable Short Game Feel
  • Pack: 12

What customers say about “Features”

  • So if that’s where your game is as well, you’re mosting likely to find terrific usage out of this ball. As well as ideally far better scores, too.
  • I only offered it a 4 for efficiency because that is kind of related to my skill and also located it more difficult to stop on the green on pitches.
  • Item was as revealed as well as deliver on time without any damage. Once again they make this part of purchasing extremely simple.
  • They are a top quality acquire if you like them as well as the cost was right below but if you’re poor like me a lesson could be a better use your cash.
  • The balls are not in comparable to form as I had anticipated

Titleist Pro V1 Review

General Specifications

  • Brand: Titleist
  • Model: Pro V1
  • Origin: USA
  • About the Product: The Titleist Pro V1 stands for the coalescence of three of Titleist’s industry leading innovations: huge solid core, multi-component building, and also high performance Urethane Elastomer cover innovation.

Titleist Pro V1 Key Specs

  • Compression: 90
  • Type: Distance
  • Layer Design: 3-piece

What customers say about “Key Specs”

  • The ball that all golfballs are measured up also. Always a great choice
  • Soft around the greens and on the putter. There is a reason it is the primary ball in golf.
  • I really like Titleist golf balls soft really feel fantastic on the greens
  • Unrivaled feeling off the putter and also around the greens. Excellent distance off the driver.
  • They have a good, medium feeling to them off the tee; it doesn’t seem like a rock, but it also does not seem like a sponge either.

Titleist Pro V1 Features

  • Color: White
  • Cover Material: Urethane Elastomer
  • Dimples: 328, Tetrahedral
  • Core: Next Generation 2.0 ZG Process Core
  • Extras: Very low long game spin, Drop-and-Stop™ short game control
  • Pack: 12

What customers say about “Features”

  • Possibly the reduced handicaps obtain the most of it in regards to spin and also control. Yet I’m a 18 handicap as well as when a I play with these golf balls the sensation in the swing is better, they really feel smooth and also you can see the way the drop in the greens.
  • The cover is soft enough to be able to spin the ball, yet still stands up to damage.
  • The Pro V1 and also Pro V1x have actually significantly improved around preformance including more range off the tee, bite around the greens and also enhanced cover toughness
  • Oftentimes when I discover a Pro V1 they are still in fantastic condition because of the high quality and also durability that they have.
  • Terrific Golf Ball that cuts thru the wind like a Surgical Knife.

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