Top Flite Golf Clubs Review: Best Complete Set for Beginners

Golf is a heavily popular sport because it is a sport for all. Either you are a beginner or a pro, your skill level does not matter very much, as anybody can still play it nonetheless. You can play with friends, relatives, or even go to tournaments. However, if you are a beginner, you don’t need to worry. All professional players start from the same level as you. And, just like everything else, skill can be improved over time and continuous practice. In addition, you also should choose the right golf clubs that are suitable for your current skill level. There are many golf clubs on the market, and each of them is usually specifically created for a particular skill level.

Top Flite Golf Clubs Review Best Complete Set for Beginners

One convenient solution for beginners and newcomers is getting a complete golf set. You can worry about the advanced specifications later as you go down the road, figuring out what works and what doesn’t on your particular playing methods. Even so, you still need to consider some more general factors such as design and construction. One of the best choices suitable as a starting point is Top Flite Golf Clubs.

Unlike other options on the market which are seemingly torn between being friendly and powerful, Top Flite Golf Clubs has put its primary target users as the primary consideration. Coming with five irons, two hybrids, a fairway wood, a driver, and a putter, all the pieces are very forgiving in nature. The heads are generally quite big and wide, allowing for easy and precise hits. This way, the risk of making off-center hits is significantly reduced.

- 460cc Ti composite driver features low/back Center of Gravity for maximum distance and forgiveness - Sleek 4 & 5 hybrids combine distance of a fairway wood with the accuracy and performance of an iron

The titanium composite driver deserves a special mention on its own. The driver has a volume of 460cc, which is the largest size allowed by the USGA. The driver also has low/back center of gravity. The combination ensures maximum distance and forgiveness. The driver as well as the fairway wood are fitted with graphite shafts for increased speed and handling. Meanwhile, the irons, hybrids, and wedge are fitted with steel shafts for superior feel and control. The mallet putter features alignment cutouts for stroke consistency and precise aiming.

Another great thing about Top Flite Golf Clubs is that it is available in both Right Handed (RH) and Left Handed (LH) models. So, it can be your choice regardless of which hand is your primary hand. The set includes highly durable nylon head covers for the driver and the 3 wood to provide protection.

Specifications of Top Flite Golf Clubs
Available in Steel/Graphite and Senior Full Graphite
Available in Right Hand and Left Hand
What’s Included:
Pitching Wedge
3 Wood
4-5 Hybrids
6-9 Irons
Headcovers (2)
Lightweight Stand Bag
Driver SPECS:
Volume: 460cc
Loft: 10.5°
Length: 44.5″
Lie: 56°
Head Weight: 200g
3 Wood SPECS:
Volume: 200cc
Loft: 15°
Length: 43.5″
Lie: 59°
Head Weight: 210g
4 Hybrid SPECS:
Volume: 115cc
Loft: 21°
Length: 39.5″
Lie: 60°
Head Weight: 235g
5 Hybrid SPECS:
Volume: 110cc
Loft: 24°
Length: 39″
Lie: 61°
Head Weight: 240g
6 Iron SPECS:
Bounce: 2°
Loft: 30°
Length: 37.5″
Lie: 61°
Head Weight: 266g
7 Iron SPECS:
Bounce: 2°
Loft: 33°
Length: 37″
Lie: 61.5°
Head Weight: 273g
8 Iron SPECS:
Bounce: 3°
Loft: 37°
Length: 36.5″
Lie: 62°
Head Weight: 280g
9 Iron SPECS:
Bounce: 4°
Loft: 41°
Length: 36″
Lie: 63°
Head Weight: 287g
Bounce: 5°
Loft: 45°
Length: 35.5″
Lie: 63°
Head Weight: 294g
Putter SPECS:
Head Shape: Mallet
Loft: 3.5°
Length: 35″
Lie: 72°
Head Weight: 345g

Pros of Top Flite Golf Clubs
– Available in steel/graphite and full graphite as well as RH and LH variants
– Great titanium composite driver
– Comes with the complete 13 pieces to start playing right away
– Very budget-friendly price

Price of Top Flite Golf Clubs
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