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Voice Caddie VC 300 Review: A Simple and Compact Golf Assistant

If you are seeking for a simple, compact, and portable GPS rangefinder, you may have come across Voice Caddie VC 300. Tell you what, Voice Caddie VC 300 is a unique GPS rangefinder. It only gives you the most important information, helping you to focus more on what matters. And it gives you that by voice! Hence, you will not need to bother looking and checking some display screen while holding your golf club; you can position yourself while hearing the distance information. Not that Voice Caddie VC 300 is the first talking GPS rangefinder, and certainly will not be the last, but its simplicity and compactness – and also low price – make it a great value.

Voice Caddie VC 300 Review - A Simple and Compact Golf Assistant

Voice Caddie VC 300 is ready out to use out of the box, being preloaded with 30,000 international golf courses already. However, you need to make sure that you read the manual well before using it, as it has no display screen to tell you which button is what. Also, it requires a few minutes after turned on to determine your location, so make sure that you turn it on some time before the start of the game. It automatically recognizes the course by using the GPS system.

Measuring only 45mm x 45mm x 12mm, with barely 24g of weight, Voice Caddie VC 300 is certainly very compact and portable. It has a small hook on its rear that you can use to easily attach the device to your hat, belt, or pocket. It has a USB port, through which you can also connect it to a computer to update the courses with the VC Manager software. There is a power button as well. However, the rest of the controls are performed on the touchpad.

Voice Caddie VC 300 can give you distance information from the ball point to the center, front, or back of the green. It gives you the front distances by simply swiping right-to-left on the touchpad, and back distances by left-to-right. Double-clicking will prompt the device to tell both the front and the back distances in one instruction. By pressing and holding the front of the device, it can also measure individual shots.

With seven levels of volume settings, the voice of Voice Caddie VC 300 is ideal. The loudest volume is not audible beyond 15 – 20 yards. However, the lack of display screen can be somehow an issue. Of course, the device is designed to work with voice, but having a small display screen can be a good thing.

Pros of Voice Caddie VC 300
– Very affordable and budget-friendly price
– Extremely compact and portable design, can be easily attached to hat, belt, or pocket
– Simple and straight-forward to use
– A lot of built-in international courses and languages

Cons of Voice Caddie VC 300
– No display screen, which can be an issue for manual adjustments and for people who prefer to read instead of to listen

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