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Zepp Golf 3D Review: Train Yourself Smartly!

If you are solemn about playing golf, you certainly always seek to improve your playstyle in order to become a better golfer. While it is always a great idea to have someone to teach and evaluate your hits, you may sometimes wish to have a device that can automatically scan and report your every hit, from which you can evaluate your play yourself in order to improve. Now, you can put yourself at ease with Zepp Golf 3D, a compact yet powerful device that you can use to train yourself smartly.

Zepp Golf 3D Review

Measuring barely 28mmx28mmx11mm and weighing only 7.7g, Zepp Golf 3D is a piece of hardware that is very compact and portable. The device is meant to be attached to the back of one of your gloves, and work integratively with your mobile device via a wireless connection and a mobile app. Zepp Golf 3D is compatible with both iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.3+. Worth a note, besides working as a swing analyzer for golf, Zepp Golf 3D can also work for baseball and tennis (bat mount and racket mount required, respectively).

Despite being a tiny sensor, Zepp Golf 3D is a very powerful hardware that records 1,000 data points per second, capturing your every swing in 3D and 360-degree so that you can see your swing from any angle. It records data and sends them to your mobile device immediately after every swing. On your mobile device, you can replay your every swing to be analyzed and evaluated. You can also compare two swings, allowing you to even compare your swings to PGA Tour pros’ swings. There are also pro 3D videos about swing analysis, training tips, and drills. There are various aspects that the device records, such as hand path, club head speed, swing plane, backswing position, tempo, hip rotation, etc. Zepp Golf 3D comes with a decent battery life, up to four hours, also a considerably large memory that can record data up to 8 hours or 2,000 swings.

Pros of Zepp Golf 3D
– Extremely compact and portable design, easy to attach to the glove or the club
– Rich of tracking features, including tempo information and 3D swing analysis
– Easy and simple to use
– Decent battery life and memory

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